Web Apps

We make custom web applications for business.

What We Do

Let's face it …

The world is crammed full of web pages and people who will build them for you. So why choose Web Apps?

We build custom web applications and websites to fill the gap between the limitations of off-the-shelf products and the expensive care and feeding of in-house developers.

Who We Work With

Want to be one of the lucky few?

At Web Apps, we prioritize connection over quantity. Building custom solutions requires more than just handing you off to a project manager or loading you up with Asana tasks. We keep our client list small so we can build your product right the first time.

Collectively we have worked with clients in heavily regulated sectors such as financial services, government contracts and medical device manufacturing. This has given us a wide range of experience in projects where security, compliance, redundancy and resilience play a critical role in success.

Don't let that scare you off, though. Even if your work doesn't involve regulators breathing down your neck, we are always looking for new kinds of projects. Just know that your final product might be a tad over-built for purpose.

What's a Web App, Anyway?

The web isn't really that confusing …

As you orthonormify your corporate leptostructures, you will hit a point where cognifying your prosumer diversificators is the next megastep.

In order to make sure we are there to help you postenhance your exostructure, we do our work mainly in a Node.JS serverless back-end. Around here, we are usually hip-deep in AWS lambda functions. We love our React.js and SCSS for front-end, and keep our world tidy with Git. Project management is usually handled in JIRA, but we can be swayed.

We have over-built regular brochure-ware sites that dynamically serve up very static content, but we prefer to mix it up in more powerful web apps that present data from just about any API we can scrounge up … or write. We have a penchant for data-visualization and play nicely with d3.js.

When you need a …

Web App

Our fully custom, stateful web apps leverage the limitless integration power of NODE.js-based React applications to empower any business objective.

We can build nearly any application to meet mission-critical business objectives in your dynamic market.
Yeah! Jargon FTW!

  • NODE/React
  • Serverless architecture
  • Near-limitless customization

When you need a …


If you need to display straightforward, static content that only changes occasionally, we are there for you.

Usually cheaper, our simple websites still run on our AWS serverless architecture and tech stack. This means if your needs grow down the line, so can your website.

  • SEO-friendly
  • Lower maintenance
  • Easily customized

You may not need …


We don't do Wordpress!

No. Seriously. We don't do Wordpress. Have you ever touched the Jenga tower of plug-ins most WP builds need to wake up in the morning? It's terrifying.

You probably shouldn't use an overgrown blog to manage your budding business empire.

  • Not secure
  • Built from PHP (Still!)
  • It's for blogging. Full stop.

So, how much does all this cost?

Our process involves deeper integration with your business than many other web development shops offer. Consequently, the prices for our custom offerings may be higher than some others.

For stand-alone websites with little integration, project prices can start as low as $3000. For more complex web applications, our project fees typically begin around the $10K mark depending on the size of the job.

Those may be larger numbers than some you find, but our apps are worth the price. From our process to our final product, you are getting a robust, secure, performant product you will be happy to use for years to come.

Who We Are

Oh, Brother …

To get a good product, you need a team that knows each other really, really well. They need to have fought through things together to learn how to communicate. As brothers, we checked both of those boxes years ago.

After nearly 20 years of experience on our own paths of design and development, we finally joined forces to make the products we always knew ought to exist, and make them the way they should be made.

Little did we know that filling our parents' dining room with Lego creations in the 1980s would be the perfect training for what we do now — making custom creations out of little piles of blocks. These days, we use code instead of little plastic bricks, but the goal is still making something amazing from a pile of possibilities.

(If we are honest, though, we still spend time on the carpet playing with Legos alongside Justin's kids.)

Justin Fleming

Justin knew he wanted to be an engineer when he was 14. Like any good code monkey, he saw the objective from the beginning and never deviated. Since he pulled apart our parents' first Gateway 2000 to upgrade it, he has never stopped making tech better.

For more than 20 years, Justin has been writing JavaScript, C++, Python and more for various organizations. Curious if his code can handle a business of your company's scale? Unless you are bigger than the US Federal Government, Justin has you covered.

Jason Fleming

The only equation Jason ever learned to graph on his TI-85 in high-school was one that made a cool target. Then he knew his life was going to be devoted to making things look better.

More than two decades later, with years of graphic design, art direction, digital product design and a successful web and mobile app company under his belt, Jason is still making data look good. His years of experience in visual communication help to ensure Web App's products land … ahem … on target.


Let us give you some advice …

No, really. Let us advise you. We do that too. In fact, chances are you probably need consulting more than you need shiny new software of your very own.

Not everyone needs custom software. Let's make that clear. We make our money on building custom solutions, but everyone loses if you buy something you don't need. Success on the web is very closely tied to buying exactly what you need and nothing more.

So how do you find your way through the dizzying minefield of products and services that already exist? If you buy something today, will it integrate well with your other systems? What about in three years time? How secure is it? Can I get by data back at the end if I cancel?

Stop. Breathe.

It can feel overwhelming to try to buy software and web products for your business. That is where Web Apps comes to the rescue. Yes, we build great software, but we can also come alongside you to help make the best decisions for your business now and in the years ahead.


Enough already … how do we get started?

Ready to start the conversation? No time like the present.

At Web Apps, projects start with an email. Let us know what you are thinking, what you want to build or just what is driving you nuts about your current website. From there, we can see if we would be a good fit to help make your website dreams a reality.